998 Broadway Design Competition

Kick-off Event


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Noon to 3pm


998 Broadway, Buffalo NY 14212

How to contact organizers

Send us an email: YIMBY@designbuffalo.org


  • Entries will endeavor to show how to develop the 998 Broadway (former K-Mart) site in a community-positive way.
  • Entrants may come up with a broad range of suggestions, and may present their proposals in a number of different ways.
  • Teams with architects may want to present architectural drawings, planners may want to present conceptual diagrams, community activists may want to present written proposals, and artists may present any kind of visual concept.
  • A sociological study of the community with recommendations for what sorts of development are needed could be one type of acceptable written proposal.
  • Concepts should include redevelopment of the entire site, not just the building.

Site Being Designed

998 Broadway, For Competition Overview

998 Broadway, 5.28 acres with the 80,000 sq.ft. former K-Mart building, set back from Broadway, and bordered by Gibson, Lombard and Beck Streets.

Details of Kick-off Event

Competition Workshop, during the YIMBY Festival, September 15, 2018. This workshop, lead by members of the Design Buffalo team, will focus on educating potential entrants, and other interested parties, about the site, the community, Green Code compliance, and the competition. Maps of the site will be available, local community members will speak about their community, and what they would like to see. Representatives of the property owners have been invited to hear what people have to say and give their own input. Some “charette” style design sessions may be offered, getting participants sitting down with pencil and paper to investigate ideas with guidance from Design Buffalo members.

Community input is an essential part of the competition and will be encouraged during the YIMBY festival from all attendees, not just workshop participants. Several boards describing the competition will be displayed in the main YIMBY tabling area, with opportunity for attendees to write their comments, and offer ways to participate in the competition and ongoing discussions.

Details of Competition

The workshop on September 15th will kick-off the competition, and entrants will then have approximately two months to work on their proposals, to be submitted by Thursday November 15th. An awards event will follow, date to be determined, probably that following weekend (the weekend before Thanksgiving).

It has been discussed as to whether to require a community member for each team submitting a proposal, but that seemed a bit unrealistic, after all some entries may be from individuals. Instead having a community member on the team, or other community input, will be strongly encouraged. Likely some mention in the entry about how the entrant engaged the community will be required.

At the awards event the entries will be displayed, either on boards, or, if the entry is a written report, by copies of the report. The public will be able to vote for a People’s Choice award, and the judges will select the overall award winner. It is hoped to have a significant cash prize for the overall winner. The panel of judges will include architects, planners, community activists, and a representative of the building owners.